Should you replace your entire lock?

You just bought a new house and want to replace locks? Each door of your home has its own lock? Your house had been burglarized? Or you simply lost your keys? Whatever the security issue you’re facing, something has to be done, if only for your peace of mind.

In all cases, should you replace all the locks or is there another solution? All locksmiths can do much more than unlocking doors and making copies of your keys.

Ever heard of key control?

Key control is the ability to take account of all keys made to operate a lock. It can become an issue, especially with rental properties. When a property is rented, key control is lost most of the time

However, it is possible to change the lock cylinder (barrel) exclusively. The locksmith will remove the springs and pins from the barrel and will replace them with new ones that will match another key. This solution is more affordable than changing the whole lock. If the lock is still in good condition, why throw it away?

A locksmith at your service!

Other options are also available. Should you be interested in going keyless, or in getting a better quality lock?

Your best move is to have a chat with your locksmith who will assess your needs and recommend the best solution for you. Have your Montreal locksmith examine your lock and installation for his guidance and proposal to content your insecurities.

Lock Aid, your Montreal locksmith, is just a call away to give you a hand with anything related to your locks and keys, urgent or not. Give them a call today!