Home Automation Taken to the Next Level

Some advancements in the world of home security help keep our homes safe while making our lives easier at the same time. However, home automation is nothing new. In fact, it was the entire rave back in the 1970’s but the advancements in technology have taken home automation to a whole new level.

Home automation makes you save money while keeping you safe!

Below is a list of different home automation products that can greatly benefit your life. These added extras can really help you control your home in a way never thought possible.

  • Interactive remote control lighting

    Being able to turn your lights on and off with a click of your smartphone can help keep your home burglar-free. It is also possible to set an automatic schedule, which is ideal when you are on vacation.

  • Interactive control thermostat remotely

    This will allow you to turn on your cooling and heating unit while you’re away from home. Instead of running your HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) all day which is a waste of money, you can turn it on for an hour or so before you get home. This will allow your home to be comfortable when you arrive.

  • Interactive lock and unlock your doors remotely

    If a family member needs to get inside of the home and you are not around you can unlock the door for them with your interactive remote control. This is super convenient and will keep your home safe by not having to hide a key under the flower pot.

  • Interactive remote video viewing

    You can keep an eye on your phone no matter where you are in the world. Even at work, you can view what is going on inside and outside of your home via your smartphone. This is a great way to always know who is inside your home and what they are up to. Safety is very important even when you are not at home.

Although we have an extremely vast variety of technology in the world you can still find yourself locked out of your home. When that happens most of us start to panic. However, with one call to Lock Aid, Montreal’s premier residential locksmith service you can get into your home with barely any hassle.


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